About us

Mollie & Sky wax Moment Melts and warmer


We created Mollie & Sky with the mission to inspire wellbeing rituals that bring you back to nature and to yourself. The Mollie & Sky luxury candle, Moment Melt and Bella Body collections are designed to relax, calm, soothe and revive with natural fragrance blends that bring the beautiful outside in.

We understand that it’s difficult to prioritise self-care and take those much-needed wellbeing moments in a busy day. Wellbeing isn't one habit, it's what you need at that moment to make your current space a sanctuary. By inspiring little wellbeing rituals throughout your day, we support you to bring the beautiful outside in, to bring you back to nature and to yourself.


"After almost a year spent, like so many others, juggling busy family life, work and an awful lot of anxiousness (2020 - need we say more?), we found ourselves in definite need of some self-care.

"During a particularly stressful day, Katie happened to light a scented candle she'd recently purchased and found herself immediately calmed and smiling when each waft drifted her way. This turned into a little wellbeing ritual of lighting a candle at the start of each work day.

"Wanting to insire others to start their own wellbeing rituals, we created Mollie & Sky. We wanted to bring the gorgeous, theraputic scents of the outside to you and chose our natural fragrances carefully for optimal wellbeing benefits that smell and feel wonderful.

"We love how wellbeing rituals make us feel and hope you will love them too."

Katie and Millie
Founders of Mollie & Sky