Seven summer scents to make your season sizzle


It’s the time for activity, adventure and enjoying the great outdoors. Energy and wellbeing are boosted by the weather and it is the season to engage your senses and focus on you.

Here we show you how to get even more out of your summer with seven essential oils found in our products…

To keep the sun-kissed vibe going all day

Orange blossom

With bright, blue-skied days ahead, summer’s wonderful for getting outside into nature. Why not hit the beach for a perfect day out? Feel the sand between your toes as it gently massages your feet and the waves lapping the shore.

And it doesn’t have to end there. The stimulating eucalyptus, geranium, and orange blossom essential oils in our ‘Sunkissed’ candle and moment melts will keep that beach vibe going all day. You could light it at a post-swim picnic, or later at home bringing the beautiful outside in. Your beach day memories don’t have to fade…

To add some zing to your life

Zest luxury candle

What better way to have a summer adventure than with some outdoor fun? If you’re a camping fan grab your kids, partner or some friends and pitch up at your favourite site. Will it be by the sea or deep in the countryside? A chilled experience or vibrant and filled with activity? Maybe you love the wilderness, so you will take a walk in the forest, across a moor and mountain by day and relax overnight under the stars.

Whatever adventure you choose the lime and black pepper essential oils in our ‘Zest’ candle and moment melts will energise your experience. So grab a cold beer or a glass of bubbly, perhaps a mojito or margarita to add some zing and help you make the most of the great British summer.

On those long summer nights – Relax.

Halycon luxury body oil

After a full day of fun it’s time to breathe. Sit down. Listen to the sounds of the warm summer evening as life all around prepares for rest. Soothe your sun-kissed skin with natural body oils and balms. Relaxing lavender and uplifting sweet orange oils are just the scents to prepare you for the night ahead…

Remember, however you choose to spend the summer, our candles, melts, body oils and balms will help make your wellbeing ritual come to life.

Infused with natural essential oils, you can buy them from the Mollie and Sky shop now.