Inspiring wellbeing rituals to set you up for the week ahead

What inspires you? Is it the sun setting over the sea across white crested waves? Is it the sound of the dawn chorus early on a spring morning? Or perhaps it’s a quiet evening walk through a forest glade.

Whatever you do to look after yourself, incorporating some inspiring wellbeing rituals throughout your day could give you exactly what you need at that moment. We understand it’s often hard to find time to prioritise self-care, but these ideas (and others like it) should help keep you on track all week…

1. A Sunday evening pamper to ready you for the week ahead

It’s Sunday night and you can’t stop yourself thinking about the week to come. Good things, bad things, mediocre thing-type things – you just wish your mind would stop racing.

So why not dim the lights and run a bath? Now is the perfect time for some candle indulgence. Candlelight will help soothe you and allow a chance for body and mind to take a break from those harsher overhead lights and blue screen. Gently ease yourself in, close your eyes and breathe…

The soft scent of ‘Sylvan’ infused with lavender essential oil will help you relax into the evening and prepare you for a peaceful night’s slumber in no time.

2. A post-lunch pick-me-up so you’ll breeze through the afternoon slump

Ever notice you can’t concentrate so well in the early afternoon? For many of us our bodies cannot help slowing down and we naturally feel more sluggish, especially just after lunch.

Mollie & Sky luxury candle Zephyr and coffee

Whether at work or preparing yourself for the afterschool onslaught, or something else, why not stop a moment? Make sure you have that coffee break. Take some time on purpose to sit quietly with your drink and close your eyes if you like. Water is so important for wellbeing and will wake your body up and refresh you. Keeping a nice bottle handy will remind you to hydrate regularly.

Lighting a reviving candle like ‘Zephyr’ could help you feel even more refreshed. The scent will linger long after it is extinguished, and you will breeze through the rest of the day.

3. An end of week wind-down

Yay! You’ve made it to Friday. Time for a celebratory wellbeing ritual and why not? You have achieved so much, and a little bit of self-love will set you up to enjoy your weekend.

We like to finish the week with some good wine, chilled music and tasty treat, takeaway anyone? But if cooking is your thing, the process of mindfully creating a culinary delight could be just the tonic you need.

To set the mood why not place a couple of candles on the side and watch as the flames dance. The scent of ‘Dusk’ is perfect as it eases you into the weekend and some much-needed down time.

Ready for some ‘me-time?’ You can find all the candles we’ve mentioned here. By adding small yet inspiring wellbeing rituals to your day, you can bring the beautiful outside in and create your own sanctuary wherever you are.

Glass of wine at sunset