Fika: your well-deserved wellbeing-break

The aroma of coffee and the scent of fresh pastries wafts across the room. There is a hum of voices, a pleasing soundtrack to your moment.

And that’s Fika, the Swedish art of taking a break to chat with friends and colleagues over drink and a cake…

But what exactly is Fika?

The Swedish roughly translates as drinking coffee, enjoying sweet treats, and chatting. But it’s so much more than a simple coffee break. There’s no grab-a-coffee-and-go or tea-supping at your desk while writing that urgent report.

No, it’s a moment to slow down, relax and press pause. A time to share, connect and chill out. In Sweden it’s as much a part of the day as sending emails or brushing your teeth – an ingrained mindset both at work and at home.

Many Swedish offices include a Fika break 2-3 times a day allowing colleagues to fully switch off for a short time between work tasks. It’s well established that taking time out can boost productivity and creativity so it’s no surprise Sweden ranks as one of the most prolific and innovative economies in the world.

Fika has gone global

But Fika is no longer restricted to Sweden. In the first half of the noughties (around 2004) it went global as part of the New Nordic Cuisine and now helps people everywhere gain a new perspective on life. This mindful culinary experience is changing the way we do things helping us learn to stop and relax.

While many Scandi style or Fika cafes now exist, you can also recreate this cosy, relaxed feel at home…

How to Fika at home

It is the simplicity, just grab some cakes, a pot of coffee, some friends or family members, and relax.

You could also try some proper Swedish bakes – vanilla hearts (vaniljhjärtan), princess cake (prinsesstårta), or chocolate balls (chokladbollar). Or maybe the Swedish favourite, cinnamon buns (vetebullar), are more your thing. There’s a whole day dedicated to these delicious treats on October 4th.

The Mollie and Sky Fika experience

For the Mollie and Sky take on Fika why not also grab a Zephyr candle or something from our moment melts collection for a daytime pick-me-up? As they release their refreshing scent, bring the beautiful outside in, with friends and family, colleagues at work or even on your own, we’ve no doubt they’ll add something special to your Fika moments.

If you do nothing else this week, try to fit in some Fika.

Fika coffee and cake