Earth’s wellbeing: how you can help with sustainable solutions

Our planet needs us.

Last year (2020) the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere reached record levels of over 400 parts per million. And it was the hottest year ever recorded in Europe.

Delicate ecosystems are also being impacted by our overuse of plastics. Scientists have even found microplastics embedded deep in the arctic ice…

At Mollie & Sky we are shocked by these kinds of stats. And it is why the choice for our business was to create something eco-friendly and sustainable.

So here’s how we do it. And we encourage you to get involved too…

You can re-use our candle jars

Mollie & Sky candle storage jar

All Mollie & Sky candles come in re-usable glass jars. You could store your makeup brushes in one, your cotton buds in another, pot some herbs or display seasonal flowers on your windowsill. Why not get creative with some glass paints and decorate your own? They also make great drinking glasses.

To clean your jars, it’s easiest to pop them in the dishwasher or fill them with soap and hot water from the tap, let them sit a moment, then scrub the insides clean. But remember to remove the wick and never pour the remains down your plug hole or you risk blocked pipes when the wax cools and hardens. Or you could put the jar in your freezer for a couple of hours then pry out the wax remains with a knife.

We use recycled and recyclable materials

Our presentation boxes and packaging are all made from recycled materials. And we’d encourage you to recycle everything too and reuse them for other special occasions.

We especially love our presentation ribbon which is produced from waste plastic bottles. They’re so good for the environment:

  • Local people collect the bottles in China which helps them earn an income
  • It de-litters the area and keeps plastic out of landfill and oceans
  • No oil is extracted to make new thread for the ribbon
  • The recycling process uses solar power reducing CO2 and other greenhouse gases by 20%
  • 90% of the water used during manufacture is recycled

Our materials are all UK-sourced

All our materials – in the candles and in our packaging – are UK-sourced which reduces transport mileage enormously and supports local businesses. The candles are made of eco-friendly, vegan wax and are individually hand-poured with care, so you’ll always get the human touch.

While these sustainable choices may add a little more to our business costs, we think it’s worth it. By purchasing our luxury candles or Moment Meltsyou’ll be helping the planet every time you buy. We also donate a percentage of profits to supporting mental health too.

Mollie & Sky candle jar with flowers