Creating a calming bedtime ritual

Getting a good night’s sleep

The importance of a good night’s sleep is widely known for keeping us healthy, both physically and mentally. Sleep is good for our bodies for many different reasons. It helps us to rest and recover from everything that’s happened during the day. While sleeping our blood pressure drops, heart rate slows down, muscles relax and breathing gets deeper. Both body and mind need time to relax, repair and recharge. Getting a good night’s sleep improves attention span, concentration, and our overall mood, making it essential for health and wellbeing. It can be difficult however to put in place that wellbeing ritual to help with sleep. What helps with winding down before bedtime?

Help with relaxing at bedtime

Creating bedtime wellbeing rituals will help you to remember to take those little moments to wind down and reduce the stresses of the day so you can relax into sleep. Perhaps you will have a set time to dim the lights and turn off electronics to reduce blue-light exposure. Checking texts or emails which could evoke stress should be avoided at bedtime and calmer activities such as reading or listening to music/audio books are ideal. Just ten minutes of this can help you to relax and unwind, supporting your body’s ability to produce the sleep hormone melatonin and promote your body’s natural cycle (circadian rhythm). Lighting a natural candle or warming some wax melts can also help with a mindful moment to start a soothing bedtime routine.

How essential oils help with a peaceful night’s sleep

Natural products containing essential oils can help with a peaceful night’s sleep. This can be your favourite candle, wax melts or a body care product like a balm or oil. Some medical studies show that ingredients in essential citrus oils, increase the duration of sleep and relax muscles. This may be useful for people who cannot remain asleep for long enough. The natural properties in essential oils such as lavender, sandalwood and bergamot, interact with your mind to send calming transmissions throughout the nervous system. Your mind and body are calmed, soothed, and relaxed for a wonderful night’s sleep.

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