3 ways to boost your wellbeing indoors

“The average Brit spends 90% of their time indoors” – Opinuim.com, 2018

Wow! Sounds like a lot doesn’t it? And with repeated lockdowns in the UK it’s not likely to have decreased recently.

With all this time spent inside many of us are feeling the strain, so here are a few ideas how you can make the most of your indoor spaces to help you feel good…

1. Collect some natural objects and bring them inside

White room with plants

Why not collect some natural objects like pot plants, flowers and foliage, shells and rocks, and bring the outside in? Houseplants can influence indoor air quality, flowers may reduce stress and depression, and bringing anything you love indoors could boost your mood if it reminds you of something positive – a past holiday perhaps, or that time you met someone special.

As humans we have an innate tendency to seek connections with nature (biophilia), and when we do, we feel better. Nature is proven to inspire us, boost productivity and contribute to a stronger sense of wellbeing.

2. Maximise or mimic natural light

Room with windows open

Natural daylight can also improve your wellbeing, hugely improving your productivity, alertness and mood. It affects your circadian rhythms, allowing you to sleep well, and tops up your vitamin D so your bones, muscles and immune system stay healthy.

Daylight reduces melatonin production, so you’ll naturally feel tired as it gets dark. But if you get minimal light (easily done in winter or lockdown) you may feel lethargic all day. But don’t assume you can catch up with artificial light in the evening because this can make you more alert. Strong light isn’t meant for the evening.

So try to let as much natural light into your house as possible during the day – open those curtains wide, let up your blinds. But if you can’t there are ways to mimic the sun’s daily movement.

SAD lamps are great in the morning providing a very bright light which mirrors that of the sun. And in the evening why not dim the lights, burn some candles and create a cosy, relaxed space where you can unwind?

3. Infuse your home with natural scents

Candle with flower

Candles are also a great way to bring natural scents into your home. Those made with pure essential oils are best as they have proven health benefits. If you need to wind down, try something with a lavender fragrance as this has powerful sleep-enhancing properties. Or for a more uplifting and energising experience orange blossom could be just the thing.

Whatever you choose to boost your wellbeing indoors try to bring the beautiful outside in. Placing natural objects in your home, getting enough daylight and relaxing with candles can all help you feel good this season.

With that, it’s time to pull up our blinds and throw open the windows. Just feel that fresh spring air wafting in… mmm…