3 benefits of pure and natural essential oils

Essential oils have been used therapeutically for centuries. They’re basically plant extracts made by steaming or pressing different parts of a plant – flowers, bark, leaves, fruit – to capture the compounds that produce fragrance.

When you experience the scent from your candle or wax melts, the fragrance from the oils travel from your nose, directly to the part of the brain which influences your emotions.  

So essential oils can have a positive impact on your health and wellbeing…

1. Reduces stress and anxiety

When was the last time you felt stressed or anxious about something? Our guess is, not that long ago. But the good news is using essential oils or burning a scented candle can help reduce these feelings. Lavender is widely recognised as soothing for anxiety and stress, while there’s evidence that orange can also boost wellbeing. Aromatherapy generally has been recommended as a complimentary therapy.

Other calming aromas include sandalwood, geranium and oud which can all be found in our luxury candle collection.

2. Promotes sleep and relaxation

Sylvan luxury candle

Sleep disturbance and insomnia are becoming more common with the stresses of modern life, particularly living in a global pandemic. Without regular, quality sleep it can be impossible to function and can leave you tired, lethargic and even tearful. But again, essential oils can help to support good quality and restful sleep.

The sweet, relaxing scent of lavender calms mind, body and soul, and has been used to promote sleep since at least Roman times. Interesting fact, they would put it in the bath before bedtime.

Lavender oil has since been recommended by professionals for mild sleep disturbance. It increases the percentage of slow and deep wave sleep you get improving its quality and helping you feel more energised the next morning.

Other oils that can promote sleep include sandalwood, featured in our “Dusk” luxury candle.

3. Alleviates low mood

Essential oils can help ease a low mood when used alongside appropriate medical treatment. Amber oil particularly, with its anti-inflammatory properties, may help regulate your brain’s mood hormones.

While amber oil doesn’t have a strong aroma alone, it blends well with others that do, like sandalwood. And together they can boost your confidence, help you focus and promote relaxation.

Many of us have a low mood or can feel blue from time-to-time. So why not fight it with natural fragrances. Sweet jasmine is another oil that can lift your spirits.

Choose the right essential oils and boost your wellbeing. You don’t have to be stressed or anxious to benefit. Even if you’re sleeping well - our candles can lift your mood and make you feel great.


Disclaimer: We are not medical professionals and don’t advocate the use of essential oils instead of medically approved treatment. If you have any health issues including depression, anxiety or stress please consult your doctor.