Resolutions for Wellbeing

Well done! You have made it through 2/3 of January, including “Blue Monday” (statistically the most depressing day in the calendar). January brings thoughts of new starts and promises to better versions of ourselves. It’s certainly tricky to form a new, positive habit, especially when the stresses of our busy lives take over. It takes two weeks to form new habits, but it can take around two months for that habit to become embedded, especially if it’s a significant change. So what helps to form a new habit?

It can help to think about your current habits and identify which of those you’d like to change. Often, habits are based around solving a problem, like drinking coffee to feel awake and alert. If you can identify those habits you’d like to change, consider the problem that they solve, and try a new way to solve that problem, this can help to start changing them.

It’s not an easy thing to do so be kind to yourself. Don’t be too concerned about a lapse. If it happens, start where you left off and celebrate the progress you’ve already made. By constantly practicing your new habit, it will become easier to establish. Here is a useful article from Psychology Today magazine about how we form habits and how to build better ones.

We’ve put together some inspiration for resolutions for 2022 that can help to support your wellbeing:

Have a bedtime routine

Establishing a bedtime wellbeing ritual can really help you to unwind. This might include a relaxing bath, soothing candle and a sleepy tea. Try to turn off your devices and dim the lights an hour before bedtime. Use our Serene Body Balm or Sylvan luxury candle for some aromatherapy as part of your routine to help you wind down.

Increase Exercise

We all know that exercise is great for wellbeing but it’s also one of the hardest resolutions to keep! The key is to set realistic expectations and do what you enjoy. A brisk 10 minute walk is better than none at all.

Plan for eight hours sleep

There are many distractions that can get in the way of that all-important sleep. Having a bedtime routine can help wind down but it’s important as well to get the right amount of sleep. This will be different for everyone but a good rule of thumb is to count back eight hours from when you need to get up and aim to be nodding off then.

Healthy eating and drinking

Another massive contributor to wellbeing, but difficult to maintain, is healthy eating and drinking. Why not try simple swaps to build up those habits? A banana for a mid-morning snack instead of a biscuit, swap one coffee a day for an alternative uplift - try our Sunbeam body balm on your pulse points for a moment of invigoration.